UPDATE – COVID 19 – Season 2020 and Season 2021

Dear Explorers,

As we all know we are facing an unprecedented situation in regards to the pandemic that is sweeping the world. Firstly and most importantly it is the time to take care of yourself and your loved ones and look after others in your community, particularly those at high risk. It is times like these that bring out the best in humanity and if we all work together we will weather this storm.

We have been monitoring the situation very closely since the very beginning and the safety of our guests and staff is our top priority and we won’t take any risks.

We have made the decision to postpone our Greenland trips from July 2020 until 2021. Our Svalbard trips scheduled for May 2020 have been moved to August 2020. If the situation hasn’t improved by then they will be rescheduled to 2021. The Iceland 2020 departures in Sept have been moved to 2021.

At the moment the Whales and Northern lights trips in November 2020 in Tromso are confirmed. We have already spoken to everyone affected by this, our guests, the shipowners, the expedition leaders, our photographers and they all demonstrated to be great partners to work with.

Today in isolation we have our maps and nautical charts out studying at all the astounding places we will visit in 2021 thinking of the better times ahead. Our exciting schedules for 2021 and 2022 will be online shortly. We hope to see you with us soon and in the meantime, we will do our best to post some interesting content on our Facebook page to help keep you entertained during the weeks ahead.

For now, stay safe, practice social distancing and take great care of each other.

Big Love

The Secret Atlas Team

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Our Vessels

Expedition Sailing Yacht

Perfect for the nature lover and explorer, sailing yachts can access shallow areas that larger vessels cannot. It’s the ideal vessel to get up close to nature in an environmentally friendly way.  They offer an intimate experience with just 6-12 guests and are much more comfortable than you would think.

Tall Ship

A tall-ship perfctly captures the romance of Arctic travel. Travel in a timeless way through Arctic landscapes, and if the conditions are right, under full sail. They make the perfect subject for photography in amongst the ice. Tall ships are larger than expedition sailing yachts and offer more space on board.

Expedition Motor yacht

Motor yachts offer similar standards to a cruise ship, but instead of 100 + passengers, you will be travelling with just 8 – 20. Motoryachts are often ice-strengthened meaning they can go into the pack ice. Ideal for use as floating photography basecamp to capture that perfect shot.

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Talk To An Expert

Planning your first trip to the Arctic can be a daunting task. There are lots of questions to ask such as which vessel and experience are right for me?

We are here to help you make the right decision for you. We will use our expertise to recommend the right trip and vessel for you dependent on your experience and comfort levels.

Who are our trips aimed at?

Our trips are curated for people that want to explore and be a part of an intimate experience rather than joining an overcrowded commercial cruise. We think stepping ashore with a handful of others is the perfect way to experience the nature and the environment of the Arctic.

We run trips in small, intimate groups to maximise the experience and minimise the environmental impact. We are passionate about protecting the places we visit, experiencing them and then leaving again with no trace.

Our trips are suitable for most people of reasonable fitness. The fitness level varies between trips. If you have any questions regarding this please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.

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About us

Secret Atlas was formed to represent the very best in the expedition industry and to make it easier for people interested in visiting remote places to find their perfect trips. At the heart of what we do is protecting the environment of the places we love to visit. We are against mass tourism and work with our customers and suppliers to ensure all our trips are as environmentally friendly and low impact as possible.