Private yacht expeditions to explore the most remote places on Earth

Our private yacht expeditions are a once in a lifetime experience. Have you dreamed of following in the footsteps of famous explorers and visiting remote polar regions rarely seen by others? Join our highly experienced expedition team on a private yacht expedition to take and witness the most remote corners of our planet from Svalbard to Antarctica. Our passion is for exploring and we will take you on a real expedition from the comfort of a private ice-strengthened expedition motor yacht.

Our voyages come complete with everything you need with a fully crewed expedition motor yacht, an expedition team with extensive knowledge of the area, a chef who will prepare freshly cooked meals and housekeeping. All our yacht expeditions are all tailor-made to suit your interests and what you would like to experience.

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Our Yacht Expedition Destinations

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iceland yacht expeditions
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Northern Norway
Antarctica yacht expeditions

Real Expeditions, Real Adventures 

Taking a private yacht expedition is a great way to truly experience the polar wonder up close. From the enormous ice caps and vast sea ice of the Svalbard archipelago to the remote, east coast of Greenland – most of the places we’ll visit are only accessible by ship. And with our small, intimate vessel, Secret Atlas can reach incredible places that larger vessels can’t pass through. With our highly experienced expedition team, you’ll get to explore some of the world’s most remote and rarely-visited places. All our vessels are equipped with Zodiac landing craft and part of the adventure is to go hiking and exploring ashore. 

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Exploring the sea ice by Zodiac on a Svalbard expedition 

Greenland Yacht Expeditions


Greenland is the largest island on Earth, and is part of the North American continent. With a total land area of 836,000 square miles and a population of under 60,000, Greenland is one of the least inhabited places on earth. 

With very few roads on Greenland, the main way to explore its rugged beauty is from the sea. During the summer sea ice retreats, which means the coast can be navigated, and opening  up passages to stunning iceberg filled fjords.

Travelling on a micro-expedition vessel with just 12 guests is a fantastic opportunity for an intimate, and low-impact way to experience Greenland. Our small vessel is less disruptive to the local culture and environment compared with larger cruise ships that visit the area. Our micro expedition vessels will take you on an adventure to explore the towering icebergs (some as high as skyscrapers), remote glaciers, and colourful settlements.

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Example yacht expedition itinerary for Greenland

Experience a truly authentic wilderness expedition to explore the seldom-visited coast of East Greenland on a safe, luxury expedition yacht.

Departing from Ísafjörður in Iceland, we will cross the Denmark Strait to reach the virtually uninhabited east coast of Greenland. Depending on the ice conditions we will either head north to explore Scoresby Sund or south to explore the Tasiilaq region.

Scoresby Sund is the longest fjord system on Earth. This true wilderness is known for its mystical scenery with steep-sided fjords that rise up over 2000 meters, and countless cathedral-sized icebergs.

Iceland Yacht Expeditions

iceland yacht expeditions

Example yacht expedition itinerary for Iceland

Experience Iceland’s untamed wilderness from the safety of your own private, luxury expedition yacht for up to 12 guests.

Departing from Ísafjörður, we will sail through Iceland’s West Fjords, home to the country’s most epic scenery. From deck, you will get to soak in the raw nature that Iceland is known for. The anchor will be dropped in remote bays and we will launch the Zodiac landing craft and undertake shore landings. Led by our highly experienced local guide, we will visit different places including hot springs, a nature reserve inaccessible by road, and remote villages.

This bespoke expedition offers the safest way to visit Iceland in 2022. Luxury transfers can be arranged to also include a visit to Fagradalsfjall, Iceland’s newest active volcano.

Svalbard Yacht Expeditions


Join us on a one-off trip to Svalbard, a remote archipelago made up of nine main islands in the North of Norway, and just 800 miles (1287km) from the North Pole. The islands also lie between longitude 10° and 35° E and latitude 74° and 81° N, about 580 miles (930 km) north of Tromsø, Norway.  Experience Svalbard’s dramatic Arctic landscapes, important and abundant wildlife, and the remnants of centuries of human exploration. 

Your adventure begins in Longyearbyen, the world’s most northerly town. From there, we’ll journey through the Svalbard waters to explore unspoilt, uninhabited, and rarely-visited places. Travelling along the coasts and fjords of it’s largest island Spitsbergen offers the chance to see polar bears roaming in their natural habitat, and thousands of seabirds circling around its steep cliffs. You’ll also get the chance to see huge glaciers up close, including the majestic Austfonna, on Nordaustlandet, one of the largest ice caps in the world. 

polar bear photo tour

Polar bear photos by Chase Teron. One of the many highlights of a Svalbard wildlife holiday. You can join a photo tour of Svalbard with Chase here. 

Example yacht expedition itineraries for Svalbard 

svalbard photo tour
7 – 9 Day Private Yacht Expedition 

Departing from Longyearbyen a 7-9 day expedition allows enough time to explore the north-west coast of Spitsbergen. Our itineraries can be tailored to what you would like to see and could focus on wildlife, hiking, nature or historical sites or a combination of all. If the conditions allow we will attempt to reach the edge of the sea ice.

svalbard circumnavigation map
10 – 15  Day Private Yacht Expedition 

A longer length expedition allows enough time to do a circumnavigation of Spitsbergen and visit some rarely visited places. A 15-day expedition allows us enough time to conduct an unhurried circumnavigation with lots of time for exploration. This is a true one of a kind experience.

Example Expedition Itinerary 


  • Day 1 – Welcome onboard in Longyearbyen. When you are comfortably settled thee expedition leader will do an overview of the expedition and the captain will do a thorough safety briefing. Set sail i the afternoon through Isfjord.
  • Day 2 Sail along the coast of Prins Karl Foreland and do a shore landing in the morning and afternoon to see walrus colonies.
  • Day 3-4  Visit the most remote settlement on earth, Ny-Alesund. Explore the fjords around Kongsfjord with some great opportunities for hiking. Visit the majestic Lillyhook glacier.
  • Day 5  Attempt to reach the sea ice and pass 80 degrees north. In calm conditions, we will launch the zodiacs to explore the ice keeping our eyes open for polar bears.
  • Day 6-10 Explore the remote coast of Nordaustlandet and the Hinlopen Strait with daily shore landings. If sea ice conditions allow we will attempt to reach the Austfonna ice cap.
  • Day 11-13 Explore the South-East Spitsbergen region. Daily shore landings with great opportunities for hiking and wildlife watching.
  • Day 14  Arrive back in Longyearbyen after a true adventure.

All itineraries are dependent on varying weather and sea conditions. Our expedition team will work with the conditions to make sure you see as much as possible. We have years of experience delivering yacht expeditions to remote polar regions and will use our knowledge to create your perfect itinerary.

Norway Yacht Expeditions



During the summer months, we explore the breathtaking scenery and fjords of Northern Norway. Our expeditions depart from either Tromsø or Bodø, and explore the scenic Lofoten Islands and the North Cape. During the day we cruise tranquil fjords, go ashore to hike and explore and visit remote fishing villages. Our itineraries vary from 7 – 15 days and are tailored made to our clients requirements. We operate summer expeditions between May and September.


During the winter months, we operate Northern lights and whale watching expeditions. Every winter the area to the north of Tromsø is visited by groups of Orcas. During the daytime we spend several hours cruising to witness these magnificent creatures swimming in between the frozen landscapes. As the light fades in the afternoon we visit places with little light pollution to witness the beauty of the northern lights amongst majestic landscapes. Our expedition leader will take our guests on short hikes ashore to explore the frozen villages. Our itineraries vary from 4 – 8 days and are tailored made to our clients requirements.

whale watching in norway
small ship cruise Norway

Example yacht expedition itineraries for Northern Norway 

norway yacht expedition
Lofoten Islands

A 7-10 day expedition cruise allows enough time to do a detailed exploration of the Lofoten Islands. Here we will encounter stunning natural scenery and some of the best hiking on the planet. We can run departures starting in Tromsø and ending in Bodø, or returning to Tromsø.

tromson yacht expedition
North Cape

A 7-day expedition cruise to explore the fjords to the north of Tromsø and visit the North Cape high above the Arctic circle. This itinerary can be combined with the Lofoten Islands to form a 14-day expedition cruise that shows the very best that northern Norway has to offer.

Antarctica Yacht Expeditions


We’re excited to add the frozen south to our destinations. It’s a rare opportunity to visit the Antarctic Peninsula, departing from King George Island. Discover stunning scenery filled with layered sandstone, lava flows, and glacier. You’ll also encounter spectacular wildlife, with the opportunity for whale watching, and observing penguins and elephant seals.

Polar Cruises small ship cruises to Antarctica

Polar adventures, personalised

We create bespoke travel experiences, tailored around your wishlist.  So whether you want to see where great explorers began their Arctic expeditions, hike across rugged valleys, go wildlife watching or go skiing or kayaking – it’s all possible.  

You’ll travel in an ice-strengthened motor yacht, with en-suite cabins, and large desk spaces which are perfect for landscape observation and photography. You can enjoy the spectacular views from the warmth of the lounge too. 

We’ll take care of your comfort, as well as your safety. Our experienced crew look forward to providing everything you need for an unforgettable trip – from making sure we have a safe passage as we travel,  and taking us to explore ashore,  to providing you have all you need onboard. 

Our full crew includes a highly experienced expedition leader and guide, along with a highly experienced captain, first mate, engineer, deckhand and a housekeeper. An on-board chef is also on hand to prepare three quality meals a day, so that you’re energised for your activities and experiences.

mv togo

Enriching exploration to suit you 

Creating an experience tailored to your interests and activity levels is at the heart of what we do. You don’t have to be a seasoned mountain climber, history buff, or an expert hiker to get the most from your expedition. Think about what you’re most curious to discover. Every day is exciting and brings new adventure, whatever your level. The expedition is based around exploring – and one of the biggest advantages of a yacht expedition is that the vessel can access places the larger ships can’t. And with two Zodiac landing crafts on board – there’s plenty of room for your group to get a shore without hanging around. 

Every day is an opportunity to discover somewhere new and exciting. Journey to the edge of the Svalbard sea ice, visit walrus colonies on remote shores, or go on a glacial hike. You can also relax and take in the serenity of the Arctic silence and stunning polar scenery, take stunning photographs of polar wildlife, and visit sites of historical interest – including the northernmost settlements on Earth. Our expedition leader and expert guide are here to share their vast knowledge about the region’s environment and history.

Our Expedition Yachts

MV Balto

Welcome aboard the MV Balto, the most spacious and elegant small polar expedition yacht in the Arctic. It’s built to Finish and Lloyd’s 1-A ice class, and equipped for a Greenland adventure, which its owner and crew has successfully completed many times.

The vessel structure and the skin is of high grade “corten” steel, and it has ice enforcement. The electric diesel propulsion is designed for versatile, smooth movement – ideal for setting up and capturing photographs or video. 


It’s a luxury yacht for a small group of 12 guests in staterooms with full private facilities and a 12-person crew. Cabins include three suites, two large double cabins, and two spacious single cabins, all with private bathrooms and showers. The MV Balto has plenty of space for rest and relaxation too, including a library, lounge, card table Visit the guest deck for a sauna with a cold shower, and unwind in the mudroom. Enjoy refreshments in the salon, bar and dining mess room, or follow the scent of freshly baked bread to the large restaurant-style galley.

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MV Togo


Step aboard the MV Togo –  a small expedition cruise vessel ready to take you on a big adventure around Svalbard It’s a 31m (102ft) long motor yacht which was custom built by legendary Dunstan Shipyard and last refitted in 2018. MVe Togo was originally built as a North Sea trawler, then converted into Lloyd’s safety vessel in the 1989s. In 2012, it had an extensive refit to convert it into a yacht, and then it became an expedition yacht in 2018, primed for the Arctic adventures it goes on now.

It has the intimacy and charm of an old-time tramp steamer, but with modern comfort and safety. The MV Togo is fitted out with an ice-strengthened hull, and full safety gear. There is a large deck for observing and photographing the incredible scenery. Inside, you can hang out in the galley, mess room, and elegant saloon bar. There are large windows at the front for enjoying the view in the warm.

wildlife photo tour svalbard
interior expedition vessel

What’s included in our yacht expeditions? 

From the moment you step onboard, we have ready to make your experience special, including:

  • Expedition leader and guide
  • All the necessary permits and insurance for the yacht expedition
  • All food and drink on board
  • Comfortable en-suite accommodation
  • Fully crewed expedition yacht
  • Onboard Chef
  • Use of Zodiac landing craft
  • Rubber boots to wear during shore landings (Svalbard expeditions)

Want to learn how to capture wildlife photographs like a pro? Or try your hand Arctic skiing and kayaking? We’ll arrange specialist guides and instructions for additional activities, contact us to let us know what you want to get out of your expedition.

As a member of AECO all our expeditions comply with strict guidelines to ensure minimal disturbance to the wildlife and environment.

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zodiac cruise in Svalbard

Get In Touch To Design Your Private Yacht Expedition 

The first step to booking your dream expedition is to contact us and discuss your interests and any requirements. The team at Secret Atlas will then come back to you with a proposal for your expedition.