Meet the Team - Morten Jørgensen

Morten Jørgensen

Morten has always loved the natural environment and especially its wildlife. He has travelled throughout his life, as a child living with his parents in Afghanistan, Tanzania and Malaysia, while later as an adult he has visited all seven continents.

He has been working in the Arctic since 1997, on small cruise ships as guide, lecturer, Zodiac driver and expedition leader. He has also worked in temperate and tropical areas of the Indian, the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans.

Morten is an active ornithologist, a passion that has been supplemented with a love for marine mammals, whales, dolphins, seals and polar bears. But there are no areas of nature that do not fascinate him.

He gives high-quality lectures on birds, mammals and other wildlife, as well as on a series of human and environmental (mostly polar) topics (food-chains, sea- and glacier ice, etc.), supported by his own photographs.

He is also very comfortable with the roles of guide, interpreter, lecturer and leader. Morten enjoys sharing the adventure of visiting remote areas with fellow passengers, and he also values the opportunity to point out to visitors the sensitivity of the wilderness and its inhabitants, stressing key points of vulnerability, conservation and sustainability.

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