Safety On Secret Atlas Svalbard Expeditions 2023

Updated: 18th January 2023

Secret Atlas Health & Safety for the 2023 season

We follow the guidelines laid out by the Norwegian authorities.

There is currently no requirement to obtain a negative test prior to travel  to Norway or Svalbard.

There are currently no vaccination, testing or masking requirements on our expeditions.

We advise all travellers to have been vaccinated or recovered from Covid prior to travel, although this is no longer mandatory. Unvaccinated travellers do so at their own risk.

We urge you to take out the necessary travel insurance which covers you in the event you have to cancel your trip due to illness prior to your expedition.

Before Your journey

Please take out adequate travel insurance that covers your trip, you can see our travel insurance checklist here of all the things we recommend you cover. 

We highly recommend that Secret Atlas Guests, crew, guides, and staff are vaccinated against Covid-19 or fully recovered.

There is currently no requirement to be vaccinated or recovered in Norway. We would like to stress that under these circumstances travel is done at your own risk.

Continue to practice good hygiene measures such as regular hand washing and mask wearing if you choose to do so in public areas. 

We recommend taking an antigen self-test before leaving your home if you show symptoms or have been exposed to someone with symptoms of Covid to help you rule out any possible infection prior to travel.

During Your Voyage

On the vessel please practice good hygiene procedures such as regular hand washing. 

If you develop symptoms of Covid-19 during your voyage we recommend you isolate yourself until your symptoms have passed. 

In the unlikely event of a medical emergency our normal safety procedures will be followed.


Travel insurance is mandatory on all our departures. You should take out comprehensive travel insurance that covers interruptions to your trip as protection against an emergency, which may force you to leave a trip while it is in progress. It is also strongly advised to have cancellation insurance, should get sick or test positive before travelling. 

Please make sure these insurances cover Covid-19 related matters. 

See our travel insurance page

More information

Please read the latest updated information and important advice about the coronavirus situation and travel before you go:

Visit Norway

The Government’s travel information pages about entry to Norway

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI)’s official website.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health’s official website (