Laali Berthelsen

Expedition Leader

Laali is a Greenland tourism expert who grew up in the area and is an integral part of her community. 

She has worked in the tourism industry for 15 years and prides herself on being a health and sports enthusiast. Since 2008, her positions onboard have ranged from adviser to expedition leader, guide, consultant and coordinator.


Degrees/ Certifications in:
  • Service economist, tourism specialty
  • Fitness instructor
  • Personal trainer
  • Nutritionist
  • Positive psychology supervisor
  • Worked abroad as a Translator in 2008
  • Started working as a Greenland Expedition Leader when she returned, and fell in love with the profession
  • In 2012, Laali became a coordinator and consultant 
  • Since then, she has worked as an adviser, guide, expedition leader, consultant and coordinator in Greece, Greenland, Norway, China, and South Africa

Laali has helped to grow the tourism sector and wellness industry in Greenland with her tireless efforts to bring health and happiness to the world around her.

Her passion for the local population has led her to develop several ongoing courses, most notably personal development courses in Greenland (mainly socially vulnerable groups), and health courses for companies and schools. As if that isn’t enough, Laali works as a consultant for The Sports Confederation of Greenland.

Today, she integrates 360º of health and wellness into everything she does. Combining her knowledge within the confines of personal training, diet guidance and positive psychology, she inspires people to move towards all-inclusive mind, body, and soul health.