Welcome to the Secret Atlas team page.

The passion for remote destinations brings us together to create and share authentic experiences with you. 


Michele D'Agostino
Co Founder

An avid high latitude sailor and explorer, Michele co-founded Secret Atlas to bring the small group expedition experience to the Arctic.

Holder of Yacht Master Ocean commercial title and PTGA Polar Guide.

Andy Marsh
Co Founder

A passionate traveller and explorer of remote places, Andy co-founded Secret Atlas to share his love of the wilderness in a low impact and intimate way.

Read Andy’s blog post here

Expedition Team

Expedition Leaders

Meet the Team - David Berg

David Berg
Expedition Leader

David is an accomplished professional polar guide from Sweden who has led expeditions in Svalbard, Greenland, Scotland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, South Georgia, the Falkland Islands and Antarctica.

Meet David here

Meet the team - Andreas Umbreit

Andreas Umbreit
Expedition Leader

Andreas has extensive experience in Svalbard, Greenland and the Russian Arctic. First visited Spitsbergen in 1986, he is an author of guide books and was a first tour operator registered in Spitsbergen.

Meet Andreas here

Meet the Team - Pippa Low

Pippa Low
Expedition Leader

Pippa has been a marine guide and skipper for 15 years, primarily in Scotland, Australia, New Zealand and the polar regions. She is a marine scientist specialising in marine mammal research and conservation.

Meet the Team- Rickard Berg

Rickard Berg
Expedition Leader

Rickard began his polar career working in the Norwegian high Arctic and worked as a professional ships officer and wilderness guide on expedition vessels in Norway, Svalbard, Greenland, Iceland, the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica.
Meet Rickard here
Meet the Team - Morten Jørgensen

Morten Jørgensen
Expedition Leader

Morten first visited Svalbard in 1997 and has been a polar guide ever since. His broad experience make him a much valued expedition leader.
Meet Morten here
Meet the team - Anders Magnusson

Anders Magnusson
Expedition Leader

Born on the Baltic coast of Sweden Anders started with birdwatching as a 7-year-old boy and have loved nature and wildlife ever since. Anders also being a keen botanist, he knows the special Arctic flora well.

Meet the Team - Laali Berthelsen

Laali Berthelsen
Expedition Leader

Laali is from Nuuk in Greenland. She is a highly experienced Arctic guide and has extensive knowledge of all places cold including Greenland, Canada, Iceland and Svalbard.

Meet Laali here


Ali Liddle
Expedition Leader

Ali has been working on cruise ships since 2010 and is a self-confessed ‘Polar Addict’. Her particular interest is natural history, the wildlife and flora and she enjoys sharing her local knowledge of and passion for the polar regions.

Meet Ali here

Mats Forsberg
Expedition Leader

Mats is a naturalist, wildlife photographer and adventure traveller from Sweden. First worked onboard the world famous Lindblad ´Explorer´ in 1982 and has since worked throughout the seven seas and the Polar Regions, including Norway´s Svalbard Archipelago and numerous trips to Greenland, the Canadian and Russian Arctic and Antarctica.

Meet Mats here

Meet the team - Christian Bruttell

Christian Bruttel
Expedition Leader

Christian has been working as an expedition leader in Svalbard for over 8 years and brings with him a great deal of passion and knowledge about the Arctic.

Meet the Team - Gunilla Lindh

Gunilla Lindh
Expedition Leader

Gunilla has been working as a guide in the Arctic and Antarctic regions for the last decade. Her love for its rugged wilderness and the wildlife and people that call it home has taken on her on a journey to some of the most remote places on earth.

John Rodsted
Photo & Expedition Leader

Originally trained as a commercial photographer, he has impacted the world of imagery from the moment he set up his own studio in Melbourne at 22. 

Today, he is not only known for his award-winning work as a photojournalist of communities at risk, but also for his artistic and written work.

Meet John here

Photography Guides


Roger Brendhagen
Photography Expert

Roger is a photographer and workshop leader with extensive experience shooting in the Arctic and Antarctica, including 7 expeditions to Svalbard.

Meet Roger here

Meet the Team - Florian Ledoux

Florian Ledoux
Photography Expert

Florian Ledoux is an artist, documentary filmmaker and photographer. Lately, he worked for BBC “Frozen Planet II”, Disney “Polar Bear” as well as Netflix and National Geographic.

Meet Florian here

chase teron photographer

Chase Teron
Photography Expert

Chase is a Canadian environmentalist, adventurer and photographer. He has travelled extensively across the Arctic in search of the perfect shot. He is passionate about conservation and teaching photography.
Meet Chase here

Rick Tomlinsson
Photography Expert

Rick is a professional, expedition, wildlife yachting photographer. His pictures have been published in magazines all over the world, including National Geographic and in Yachting World.

Meet Rick here

Office team

Leah Loftin - Meet the Team

Leah Loftin
Public Relations

Leah is a PR strategist and media relations expert at the helm of the NYC-based consultancy LLKENT PR.

Prakash Shah

Prakash is a qualified accountant, with years of financial experience with blue-chip names such as Deloitte, Nomura, Barclays, M&G, UBS and JP Morgan.

Meet the Team - Kalena Martensen

Kalena Martensen
Social Media Manager

Kalena is our digital content producer. Fascinated by the polar regions since her early childhood, in preparation for her studies she has been supporting the Secret Atlas team since January 2022.

Meet the Team - Lidia Stranc

Lidia Stranc
Sales & Operations

Lidia has over 8 years of experience running  operations and production for several organizations.

Meet the Team - Giovanni Mori

Giovanni Mori
Web Development

Giovanni brings 20 years of web development and graphic design to the Secret Atlas. He is responsible for the design and overhaul of our current website.

Meet the team - Jess Tyroler

Jess Tyroler
Content Marketing

Jess is a Kielo Digital writer and social media maven. She has a passion for digital marketing, learning new skills, and travel immersion.

Meet the Team - Anette Nielsen

Anette Nilsen
Kielo - Digital Marketing

Anette is a digital strategist, advertising wiz and Kielo agency owner based in Brooklyn, NY.

Craig West
Web Development

Craig has 22 years of experience in Front-end UI Web Developement. He is a multidisciplinary front-end UI developer working with Startups and Agencies within the UK and EU.