Explore Saint Helena

Saint Helena is a remote volcanic island located in the South Atlantic Ocean. Famous as the last resting place of Napoleon the island has a great deal to offer the visitor. The lush green interior and volcanic coastlines make for some interesting hiking.

The volcanic undersea walls make for some of the worlds best diving.

The island has an abundance of whale sharks in its surrounding waters making it the perfect place to experience these gentle giants of the sea.

For the first time in the islands history, and thanks to a new airport, it is now possible to fly there from South Africa.

Upcoming Tours Include:

  • Snorkel with whale sharks.

  • Diving some of the most unique locations on earth.

  • History tours. Visit the final resting place of Napoleon.

  • Hike the rugged volcanic landscape.

  • Visit Jonathan, the worlds oldest tortoise.

Available Dates

Information coming soon for trips in 2020. Please contact us below to express an interest or to arrange a bespoke tour.

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