Svein Wik

Svein Wik

Svein started wildlife photography 25 years ago and has spent more time with wildlife in the north than most people could ever dream of.

Arctic adventures and encounters with polar bears, walruses, arctic foxes and other animals in Svalbard have given him unique experiences, which he is only too happy to share with you. Having worked for many years photographing brown bears, wolves, wolverines and other Scandinavian creatures, Svein is one of the best-known wildlife photographers in Norway.

He has published three books and countless articles about wildlife and nature throughout the years.


An Interview with Svein Wik

How did you get into photography?

I got into photography by accident. I worked as an IT-engineer and wanted to change my life. From being a hunter here in Norway I changed to a camera. Photography also became kind of therapy to have a better life. Nature and wildlife have always been a huge interest, also concern about environmental issues. I started to write, freelance as a journalist and sell pictures a few years later. And I spent a lot of time out in the nature.


Please tell us about your experiences as a photographer shooting in remote destinations.

I have worked a lot in the Nordic countries and Svalbard. I love the mountains, forests and especially Arctic areas in Svalbard. The last couple of years I also have travelled to Arctic Canada. I love combining photography with being out in the field. From my hunting experiences I know how to stay out in the wilderness without a lot of luxury. I ski, hike, drive snowmobile and boats without lot of effort. I grew up with things like that. And I know how to avoid dangers when staying outdoor. This is an important reason for why I became a guide and expedition leader in Svalbard as well.
Svalbard by Svein Wik

What drew you to the Arctic as a photographer?

The Arctic is rough and wild. Vast and untouched landscapes. I loved that from the first moment. Again, it was my experience as a hunter and hiker in Norway – doing long hikes alone in rough mountains, that made me fall in love with it. The Arctic is also extremely beautiful and pristine. One of few remaining areas that’s still untouched by humans.
Photo by Svein Wik

What is your passion as a photographer? And how do you want to help others do the same?

Photography and closeness to nature has a very important environmental effect on the world. That is my biggest passion. I also want to stay close to nature and learn more about it. I believe going back to that is the only way humanity can save nature globally.
Svalbard Photo by Svein Wik

Why is it important to protect the Arctic?

The Arctic is driving the weather systems globally. It is extremely important to increase the awareness to preserve it as it is. One big challenge in Svalbard is plastic garbage in the sea and on the beaches. We try to pick garbage as often as possible.
Photo by Svein Wik

How can photography be used for conservation and help spread the message about the threats the Arctic faces?

Photography will spread awareness. And closeness to Arctic nature will make people experiencing it always work to protect it.
Svalbard - by Svein Wik

The photos featured on this page are used by the kind permission of © Svein Wik


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